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Pet Playpens Are Very Versatile

December 6, 2013 @ 4:08 pm posted by Sandi

pet playpenA few years ago I found a few pet playpens at a yard sale for just a few dollars.  I thought that I could probably use one for some of the animals that came to me and boy was I right.  I have used it as a playpen for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets (not so much), and rescued turtles.  I have also used it as a fence when i needed to make a smaller area in my fenced yard for animals.  It has been to this day, one of the best investments I have ever made.  It is so versatile and incredibly useful!  Right now, it is being used as a partial fence and gate while work is being done on my house and my dogs need to be in a smaller area of the yard.  I absolutely love it!

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Does Your Dog Need A Special Dog Crate?

December 5, 2013 @ 4:01 pm posted by Sandi

dog crate end tableThere are dog crates and then there are wooden dog crate end tables.  This special dog crate doubles as a special place for your dog to hang out and a decorative end table.  I have visited friends that have one of these unique dog crates and have heard the dog whining and barking and had to look hard to figure out where they were.  As a real estate agent, I go in to a lot of homes.  This is a great way to dress up your dog’s bed/crate.

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Cats Love To Climb And Scratch

November 23, 2013 @ 4:55 pm posted by Sandi

cat treeAll cats love to climb and scratch.  Why not give them their own furniture to climb and scratch instead of yours?  My cats love their cat furniture and climb, scratch and sleep on it.  This has gone a long way towards saving my furniture.  They tend to stretch and sharpen their claws on almost anything they can, including the door frames at my house.  I have asked them not to do this, but being cats, they seem to ignore me most of the time.  However, as long as they have their own furniture, they tend to use it more!

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Take Your Dog For A Walk

November 22, 2013 @ 4:48 pm posted by Sandi

dog treadwheelIf you just don’t have a lot of time to walk your dog, consider a dog treadmill.  Or, if you have a dog that needs to lose weight, or a dog that is recovering from surgery or some other trauma, consider a dog treadmill.  There are many reasons to get a treadmill for your dog, these are just a few.  Most dogs will thoroughly enjoy this after they get over the initial trepidation.

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Do You Ride A Bike?

November 19, 2013 @ 1:16 pm posted by Sandi

comfort-wagon-bicycle-trailerAre you an avid, or just an occasional, bike rider?  And by bike, i mean a bicycle.  Does your dog or cat go with you on your bike rides?  If not, you might want to look in to getting a bike pet trailer.  With a trailer, you can take your pet with you on your rides.  Perhaps with the destination of a dog park in mind or just a ride on a beautiful day?  With a trailer you can take your pet with you!

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Do You Have A Small Dog?

November 14, 2013 @ 12:18 pm posted by Sandi

snarley Do you have a small dog or perhaps an elderly dog whose “jumper” doesn’t work so well anymore?  I do.  I have had some dog steps that I built myself years ago for an elderly cat.  They stay next to the bed now for my little cocker spaniel who lost her front paw and part of her rear paw at birth.  She is one of my rescues.  She sleeps on her blanket right next to me every night and uses her steps to get up and down off of the bed. This is a picture of her smiling at me.

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Got A Puppy?

November 13, 2013 @ 12:54 pm posted by Sandi

busterIf you have a puppy or older dog or just need to keep your dogs somewhat confined, a great solution is a  pet gate.

I have several pet gates that I use on different occasions to keep dogs in or out of an area.  Pet gates don’t work for cats, as they can easily go over them, but for dogs it is a great choice.  Use one between the kitchen and the living room or dining room to keep your pup out of the way.  They can still see and hear you, but won’t be underfoot.

When you aren’t using them, you can easily store them.

The puppy in this picture belongs to my good friend and adopted little brother Brooks.  His name is Buster.

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Birds Love Their Toys

November 12, 2013 @ 3:21 pm posted by Sandi

parrot playingBoth parrots and smaller birds love to have bird toys in their surroundings.  They love to look in mirrors and hang from their swings and play with their toys.  Birds are very intelligent and don’t like being bored.  Toys give them something to keep them entertained.

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Parrots Are Great Pets

November 11, 2013 @ 3:13 pm posted by Sandi

edsel imageAlthough I have never had a parrot, I have had smaller birds and they make great pets.   With all my cats, I’m not sure a parrot would have a great life at my house.  There are so many beautiful bird cages that can be nice additions to any room.  I have known several parrots over the years and one in particular was my all time favorite.  His name is Edsel and he belongs to some friends of mine.  He loves me and whistles and hollers loudly every time I see him.  Then he does his happy dance!

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A Sad Day

October 31, 2013 @ 4:41 pm posted by Sandi

090It is with a heavy heart that i will have to say goodbye to one of my feather and fur pets tomorrow.  Luke, and his brother, Jake, were born here when their mom showed up looking for a safe place to have her babies.   She came to the right place!  Luke and Jake were 9 years old on May 5th.  Luke developed cancer several months ago and after 2 surgeries, the tumor has grown back and can not be removed again.  It has become quite large and I won’t let him suffer.  So, tomorrow, with the help of my friend and vet, David, Luke will go to the Rainbow Bridge to meet with others who have gone before him, and wait for me and others that will meet him there one day.  Thanks for being one of the best fur babies ever, Luke!  I will always love you and you will be missed.

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